Green Coffee Bean Extract

Main Benefits:

  • Burn fat speedily and very well.
  • Step ups energy to keep off afternoon dips.
  • Increments metabolism to burn more fat.
  • Fast acting results in as little as a few days.



Green Coffee Bean extract is a natural recipe that practices the power of green coffee to burn fat, speed metabolism, and boost energy level leading to a more effective weightloss regimen.
Green coffee is a natural source of chlorogenic acid that’s been shown to help boost weightloss. It does this by cutting glucose levels, motivating your body to burn the fat cells for energy.


Ingredients :
Green Coffeee Bean Extract contains just two substances ; 200mg of Green Coffee powder and 200mg of Raspberry Ketone.
Both components help to burn surplus fat but where the green coffee concentrates on energy level, the Raspberry Ketone helps to speed up metabolic process.


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