Body Fuel 80% Whey Protein Isolate

Body Fuel™ High Grade Whey Protein 80

Flavours Granted : Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla.
Main Beneficial properties :
Step ups size and mass through muscular tissue gain.
Assistances recovery period after that a physical exertion.
Developed to assist you to stay thin.
Up to 50 % more useable amino acids than other supplementations.
Milk whey healthy protein is well known as a supplement for muscles builder and the ones looking to add size and bulk. The amino acids are what help to reconstruct and grow musculuses whilst also aiding to retain the immune system and working as an antioxidant.
Ingredients :
The Body Fuel eighty % Milk whey Healthy protein Isolate incorporates a specific mixture of amino acids that have been shown to support musculuses which help them recover bigger and potent after a physical exertion. This increases the potency of a workout leading to faster, more noticeable step ups in size, volume, and muscle hardness.




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