Body Fuel Ecdysterone



Main Benefits :

Increases amino acid degrees and increments healthy protein synthesis. 
Increases energy for longer, more intense physicals exercise. 
Scales down fatigue and apathy whilst also increasing speed and strength. 
Promotes fat burning to assist you to get in shape fast. 
Ecdysterone is a natural and legal steroid hormone that has no side effects. It works by assisting the body sustain a positive Nitrogen balance whilst also contributing to protein synthesis. This means your body gets much more efficient at producing thin parts of your muscles. In fact a study in 1988 showed it may produce a 10 % reduction in fat levels and a 7 % increase in lean muscle tissue. The Body Fuel Ecdysterone supplementation is consequently a fantastic choice for body builders and the ones looking to turn fat in to muscle tissue. 

Ingredients : 

Body Fuel Ecdysterone contains L-Arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate and Dicalcium Phosphate which equals to 200mg of Ecdysterone in every tablet. Taken at a correct dose, Body Fuel Ecdysterone helps in order to create the Ultimate bodybuilding environment in your body. This leads to a diminution in fat whilst increasing your muscle mass and allows for longer, more intense workouts with decreased fatigue and tirednes

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